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Installing Microcement gives us the opportunity to create beautiful unique floors, walls, stairs and worktops covered with Bautech CREATIVO™ material, which stands out from other microcements, in terms of strength and hardness. By applying only two layers, it is definitely harder than other products. 

Bautech CREATIVO™  microcement is a cement, polymer floor with a thickness of 2-3 mm. It is ideal for renovation work without removing existing material such as tiles, plywoods etc. Installing the Bautech CREATIVO™  microcement on the floor or wall on existing tiles can save you time and money.

Microcement installation is available in a wide range of colours. The microcement is applied manually with a steel trowel, which means that the surface texture is unique.

Bautech Flooring UK - Microcement Supplier

Before starting the installation of the microcement, we must make sure that our screed, concrete substrate is stable and has no cracks. And if there are any, then it is necessary to repair cracks and loose spots with 100ST Epoxy Resin. More information can be obtained from the technical sheet.

Bautech CREATIVO™  microcement can be used in homes, offices, hotels etc. for covering floors, walls, furniture, ceilings and stairs. Installing Bautech CREATIVO™  microcement is easy, you can do it yourself, or you can outsource it to your contractor who certainly has the necessary tools to install the microcement.

Fill in our form and we will send you the cost of the microcement for your project.

For more information on the installation of the Bautech CREATIVO™  microcement, please refer to the technical sheet.


Sample projects

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