Fashion boutique

Fashion boutique fancy interior

Project name: Concept Store Acephala fashion shop


Technology: Baufloor® Creativo microcement. Ultra thin, thermally insulated, concrete flooring screed on double sterling board (OSB), grey.


Possible use: fashion, underwear store, retail space.

Raw, industrial clothing boutique interior. Accomplished by fitting in a 3-millimeter thick decorative Baufloor® Creativo microcement. Instead of pouring 25 cm of concrete and weeks-long waiting for it to cure, the floor was made on double OSB boards resting on steel joists.

Project's decorative aspect is indisputable, at least with contemporary fashion for concrete. Shop's merchandise came handy - clothing on display supplements the rough interior. Check a similar floor in a sports shop.

Counterintuitively, no thick slab exists in the shop, instead a lightweight structure (steel joists + mineral wool + double OSB) was arranged. This speeded up the project incredibly. Time consuming concrete curing was eliminated, as "concrete" is made of our 2-3-millimeter Baufloor® Creativo layer. As a bonus, the system lets you flexibly set the flooring level. Thermal insulation, applied beneath the layer, make another pro.

It is worth noting that the Creativo screed is doable directly onto old floors, such as ceramic tiles, provided that they are sufficiently stable.

Floor's texture - traces of troweling visible are intentional.

Looking for industrial-style, raw floor? Creativo is your best bet, but check our entire decorative flooring range. No project is too small or too big. Preview markets we deliver to.

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Flowers and industrial style flooring. Dust proof one, due to resin addition. Albeit, a raw look.

Bautech Flooring UK,Polished Concrete Floor in fashion boutique,Installation microcement floor,UK,Microcement,Supplier in UK

We notice a new trend: raw, industrial style concrete in fashion shops.

Based on double sterling board (OSB), light, insulated, ultra thin Baufloor® Creativo microcement flooring. Due to only 2-3 mm layer, a contractor was able to level off the floor and the entrance doorstep.




Bautech Flooring UK Ltd is an exclusive UK distributor and installer of Bautech systems.

Our goal is to deliver a complete service from supplying to installing industrial and decorative flooring. Consisting of micro cement, resin, polished concrete and terrazzo, we aim to deliver the highest technical characteristics.



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