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Decorative screed

Look like Marble or Granite. Merely few would recognize concrete.

Revolutionary decorative system of polished cement screeds imitating granite or marble but surpassing them in terms of the design and color capabilities. The use of nanotechnology provides a mirror finish surface and high resistance to abrasion, chemical attack, UV radiation, stains and makes it easy to clean. The very rich colors allows to tailor to both individual client needs and the specific nature of the object. To be used on old and newly made concrete floor.

More on technology 

Polished Concrete Floor Terrazzo - Bautech Flooring UK
Terrazzo Floor Supplier - Bautech Flooring UK
Terrazzo Supplier in UK - Bautech Flooring UK
Polished Concrete Floor Supplier - Terrazzo / Bautech Flooring UK
Bautech Flooring UK - Terrazzo Concrete Supplier
Polished Concrete Floor - Bautech Flooring UK
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