Levi's jeans store

Project: Levi's fashion shop


Technology: Creativo Baufloor® microcement floor

Area: 100 m2


Possible use: fashion boutique, shopping mall, haute couture, street mall, bar, cafe (wet environment)

When you think Levi's, you think jeans; when you think jeans, a ranch-industrial style is most proper for the interior. Creativo® Baufloor microcement flooring makes the perfect solution, as it features those trowel-traces texture. Colour range makes another extra.

With 3 mm of thickness, the floor is perfect for new buildings, instead of wooden and carpet floors. However the Creativo® may also be laid on old floors, including ceramic tiles, without even removing them (unstable layers heed to removed though). Resin addition makes Creativo reliable and adhesive layer. 

Shopping malls, as the one pictured, make sheltered environments for the micro concrete floor. The customers entering a store wear clean and dry shoes already, with all the dirt left closer to a malls entrance. That said, the microcement floor will resist direct-from-the-street conditions as well.

Creativo® may be wet washed with a mild detergetnt, as the flooring system features the top resin layer.


Furnishing a shopping mall store? Redecorating your business premises? Check similar project below. And call our sales team.

Bautech Flooring UK,Polished Concrete Floor in Levi`s shop,Installation microcement floor finish,Microcement Supplier in UK,

Levi's store at a shopping mall. CreativoBaufloor® 

microcement flooring in there, Terrafloor® terrazzo in front of the shop window

Bautech Flooring UK,Polished Concrete Floor in Levi`s shop,Installation microcement floor finish,Microcement Supplier in UK,

Creativo Baufloor® light microcement flooring's texture. Trowel traces merely visible, but they are preserved by resin addition.

Microcement flooring, light wooden shop case, steel pipe clothes rack. Jeans fabric harmonize with the ranch-industrially styled interior. 

Store ladder exerts point loads onto the floor.

Beige painted industrial structures just below the ceiling.




Bautech Flooring UK Ltd is an exclusive UK distributor and installer of Bautech systems.

Our goal is to deliver a complete service from supplying to installing industrial and decorative flooring. Consisting of micro cement, resin, polished concrete and terrazzo, we aim to deliver the highest technical characteristics.



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