Adidas shop

Project: Adidas store


Technology: Creativo Baufloor® microcement, grey with green shade - manufactured per customer's order

Area: 300 m2

10 years after inauguration, the Adidas store's flooring has been renewed with our ultra thin concrete. Green shaded grey Creativo® flooring screed was delivered to the biggest and most prestigious Adidas branch in the country - in the middle of the capital city.

The only 3-milimeter thick layer of microcement seems ideal for refreshing interiors. 150-gram glass mat soaked with Baupox® 100 STR resin was laid underneath, as the foundation was weak and unstable. If however, you're remodelling the tiled floor, micro concrete may be spreaded directly on them. 

Creativo® makes noble flooring type. Looks like concrete (matches industrially-styled interiors); simultaneously featuring those special trowel traces, preserved with the resin layer - Baupur 500 varnish.

The lacquer, apart from preserving the texture, ensures durability and washability with mild detergents. Optional Baupur 500 Hard admixture improves tear and wear properties of the flooring - crucial in shopping malls. For everyday washing we recommend Baupur 500 CLEAN solution – cleans and preserves the floor's top layer.

The store pictured sees 2 million shoppers a year.


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300 m2 of the Adidas interior were covered with Creativo Baufloor® flooring. Unstable base was strengthened with glass mat soaked with Baupox® 100 STR resin.

Bautech Flooring UK,Polished Concrete Floor in Adidas shop,Installation microcement floor finish,Microcement Supplier in UK,

Adidas tube pants, rucksack. The trowel traces visible are intentional.

Neutral microcement flooring serving as the background for colourful sneakers.

Adidas baseball caps and "Sale" board. Creativo® industrially styled flooring complements the modern furniture.

Trowel traces preserved with Baupur 500 varnish

Creativo® microcement flooring.




Bautech Flooring UK Ltd is an exclusive UK distributor and installer of Bautech systems.

Our goal is to deliver a complete service from supplying to installing industrial and decorative flooring. Consisting of micro cement, resin, polished concrete and terrazzo, we aim to deliver the highest technical characteristics.



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