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Microcement floor and walls: sample projects, how much does it cost?

Microcement is ultra-thin-layer compound, for finishing floors, walls, and even furniture, often with decorative texture. The insiders call it a "millimeter system", as the layer is only 2-3 mm thick. What do sample projects look like? Is micro concrete durable? How much does the system cost?

What is microcement?

Microcement's meaning is not ultimately defined and various manufacturers offer slightly different products. Micro = thin layer. How thin? According to us 2 to 3 mm. Cement = cement-based compound. However polymer additions are also present in the mortar and they make the compound more cohesive and easier to make the layer that thin. Hardening of the mortar occurs chemically, making light traffic on the floor feasible after only 24 hours, and after 7 days complete hardness is achieved. With regular concrete curing time would be up to one month and the proper durability would not be achievable with milimeter-thick layer.

Us - Bautech - couple microcements with classic resins. For two reasons. Firstly resin undercoat is used to stabilize the base for microcement floor. Secondly for the layer thickness is similar in both systems: micro concrete: 2-3 mm; resins: 0,5 - 2,5 mm. Hence both microcements and resins tend to be called millimeter systems and sometimes may be interchangeably applied. For this trait we train in both systems during our training and workshop sessions.

Microcement Supplies Brighton

Creativo Baufloor® microcement flooring at a massage studio. Check more of the project's photos.

Where microcement proves to be useful?

Microcement is great for:

  • both floors and walls

  • in homes, lofts, office space, retail space, clubs, restaurants, bathrooms

  • for small and mid interiors, where the flooring surface needs to be retained at a given level or it'd be a shame to lose space for thick wall plaster layer

  • where we desire decorative properties, however with industrial flair. And microcement is dust-proof - as opposed to regular concrete - to be considered by those who think the micro concrete looks same as regular concrete.

Microcement Supplies Brighton

For interiors only?

Yes, our microcement is designed for inside and not outside. 

Why this thin layer?

Microcement is designed to be laid on existing bases, such as concrete, ceramic tiles, wooden floors (and furniture), walls (including drywall). No need to tear the old surface, obviously when it's stable enough. 

Is microcement durable in wet environment?

Microcement proves in damp conditions e.g. bathrooms, kitchens, swimming pool rooms.  

Microcement's price

The price is heavily dependant on how many square meters of the compound is being ordered. A customer with 80 square meters of retail space to finish will surely pay less per meter, than somebody willing to finish 20 m2 of living room.

Good news: no interior is too small with microcement. Contrary to industrial flooring, where we deal with machine trowels, for micro concrete floors we only need hand tools: a roller, a trowel. Desirable is however an experienced contractor, who will finish the floor or wall with reverence, even when the area is only of 3 square meters.

Technical details

Our expert team is ready to help. Check markets we supply. Become our local distributor and earn on premium concrete flooring that is currently gaining on popularity in home and office applications. Check a range of our decorative systems.

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