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Restaurant flooring

Polished concrete floor in restaurant

Restaurant flooring screed

Project name: "Glodomory" ("Big eaters") restaurant


Technology: Baufloor® Ultima PCC flooring screed.


Possible use: restaurant, bar, cafe, facilities, kitchen

Fitting every furniture, stain resistant, durable, easy to maintain - these traits make Baufloor® Ultima ideal solution for restaurants - both newly built and for adapted premises.

Our screed's dark grey colour (picked by most customers) blends in well with most furniture, wood (especially light in colour). Pine chairs look great on this type of flooring. However, with depicted project dark wooden furniture was chosen, which makes the interior discreet and unostentatious.  

Easy to keep clean - lack of tile joints, quick to broom, may be washed. The flooring doesn't accept wine blots. The screed will prove efficient in kitchen and back office as well.

Durability - it's industrial grade surface; will withstand  many years of intensive foot traffic.

NOTE: Baufloor® may be built on old ceramic tiles without removing them.

Interested in selling or building the system on your country market? Call our export department!

Polished concrete floor finish
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Neutral polished concrete flooring doesn't contest decoration items: painting, wall clock, houseplants.

Polished concrete floors in UK
Concrete floor finish

Wood blends in well with grey polished concrete flooring. The lighter the wood, the better. 

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