Property developer's sales office flooring

Project: Real estate developer's sales office


Technology: Ultima Baufloor® polished screed

Area: 90 m2


Possible use: real estate office, hotel lobby, bank branch, broker's office

While new home makes an expensive good, developers' sales keeps high and they tend to sell holes in the ground. Since customers cannot see the apartments being under construction, they make decisions based on... developers' office space design. 

Developers' sales space tends to be truly luxuriously arranged nowadays, event though they might be located in mobile homes, next to construction sites. The premises happen to be arranged as if they were to last 50 years. The depicted saloon sells apartments in one of a city's most prestigeous districts and was fitted with Ultima Baufloor® polished floor. 

These kind of premises are often accessed from outside of the building; mud from the construction site might easily find its way onto the floor surface. Bautech screed will readily resist those unfortunate wet conditions; as a bonus the floor may be wet-washed with mild detergents.

A turn towards modern architecture is happening, when it comes to housing industry. Flat roofs, glass, aluminum, wooden facades' harmonize with concrete flooring.


Are you in real estate business? Primary market or the aftermarket? Commercial space or housing designer? Call our sales team!

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Glass and aluminum match the Ultima Baufloor® polished concrete screed. Designer interior of real estate developer's sales office.

Net curtains create homely atmosphere and may look attractive accompanied by modern swivel chairs and Ultima Baufloor® polished concrete flooring. 

Low furniture - customer's eye closer to the floor - it's more likely that they will spot Ultima Baufloor's heterogenous texture.

Modern desk with aluminum shutter - the floor is modern too.




Bautech Flooring UK Ltd is an exclusive UK distributor and installer of Bautech systems.

Our goal is to deliver a complete service from supplying to installing industrial and decorative flooring. Consisting of micro cement, resin, polished concrete and terrazzo, we aim to deliver the highest technical characteristics.



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