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Polished Concrete Floor in Seaford

Our trained team have worked in the polished concrete industry for over 20 years and have experience in both the domestic and commercial field. We have worked on numerous concrete floors of many different types in the Seaford area, both existing concrete and new poured concrete, including Creativo microcement and Epoxy Resin. 
We offer services from Creativo® microcement to Ultima Baufloor® overlays etc.
Polished Concrete Floor in Seaford


Polished Concrete Floor

Microcement Floor in Seaford

BAUFLOOR® Creativo

Microcement Floor

terrazzo  Polished Concrete Floor in Seaford

TERRAFLOOR® terrazzo 

Polished Concrete Floor

Epoxy Resin floor in Seaford

BAUPOX® Elegance 

Epoxy Resin Floor

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