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Polished Concrete flooring in a bathroom

Polished Concrete Floor in a bathroom

Project: Simple House demo cottage


Technology: Ultima® decorative cement-polymer screed

Room area: 5 m2


Possible use: bathroom, wc, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens. All other rooms at homes, including garages.

Modern, simple detached house with most of the flooring finished with concrete. How does concrete perform in the bathroom, and how does it compare with tiles?

Tiles do exist in the bathroom, but only on walls and industrially styled. Unlike other bathrooms, the floor is finished with concrete. With terracotta you would be looking at densely distributed fugues, known for accumulating dirt and cracks. With concrete and a comparably sized bathroom, there will be not a single expansion joint in the middle. Gaps between the "slab" and walls will do the job just fine. These gaps will obviously be filled with joint sealant or simply sanitary silicone.

As for aesthetics, concrete flooring is commonly laid gray; even though a pallette of colours exists. Gray is neutral - it will fit most tastes. Simple, modern bathrooms are foremost to be finished with concrete, however even rustic or baroque baths will look fine.

The screed's thickness is only 8-15 mm - roughly as much as terracotta. A decision can be made just before tenants moves in - to finish the floor with Ultima®.


Are you a contractor? Or in construction development business? Or even a tiler? Check markets we supply.

Polished Concret Floor finish ,Power floating concrete floor

Ultima® polished concrete flooring next to the shower cabin.

Polished Concrete floor

Top view: concrete flooring in the bathroom. If your bathroom is this little, consider concrete for other rooms as well, to justify bringing a flooring contractor with their equipment. 

Polished Concrete Floors, Ultima Baufloor
Polished Concret Floors

Simple House - a demo home, hence neutral colours prevailing - white, grey - they fit everbody's taste.

Fluffy towels and a hand-made basket create a little bit of warmth. Concrete surface by the shower cabin.

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