Hair salon flooring

Hair salon concrete floor

Project name: Arkadius beauty salon


Technology: Baufloor® Ultima decorative flooring screed.


Possible use: hairdresser salon, beauty salon, spa, tanning salon

Polished concrete makes a surface of choice for hair and beauty salons. While some business owners will order tiles or parquet, poured concrete - due to little to none joints - allows for easy day-to-day cleaning. Plus: aesthetic aspect...

Polished concrete will easily resist loads occuring in a typical beauty salon, such as one-leg hairdresser chairs. The surrounding area rubbed by staff's shoes, might be an issue with other floor types, however Baufloor® will withstand this type of friction.

Keeping the interior clean - you'll want to sweep cut hair on a regular basis and mop the floor after hours. Almost complete absence of joints (in small interiors) make the maintenance of concrete flooring even easier.

Finally: marketing considerations. Beauty salons seek high-end customers. Concrete makes a prestigious flooring segment in recent times.

NOTE: It's doable to pour Baufloor on old tiles.

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Yellow, artificial lighting warms the floor. Compare to chair's seat.

Baufloor® Ultima glossy flooring as a foundation for hairdresser washing chairs.

Hairdresser washing chairs on grinded concrete.

Manicure table. What to expect of bored customer ladies? They will notice each decoration imperfection...




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